Ryan M. Church

Judging a Book by It’s Cover

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2013 at 8:42 pm

Legends of Windemere

Hero Cover Final

You know the drill.  You walk into the bookstore (work with me on-line only shoppers).  Your eye catches sight of a book and it will not let go.  Your curiosity is peaked, so you look at the book and slowly reach out.  Or you simply snatch it off the shelf like you were raised by wolves.  Either way, you are holding a book without knowing anything about it.  Sure, you’re going to read the back and maybe skim a few pages.  Preferably not the back pages, which is the reading equivalent of cheating.  Yet, what brought you to this book in the first place when it’s sitting among other books?

Most likely the phenomenal cover art.  Let’s be honest, people.  If a book’s cover looks like a toddler made it with a crayon or it was slapped together within 5 minutes, we don’t really trust the inside.  Presentation is everything…

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