Ryan M. Church

No Matter Your Skill Level All Stories and Art Are Valuable–What Really Counts Is the Appreciation of the Progressive Growth, and Evolution From Early Works To Latest, and the Final Works

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2013 at 12:42 am

Some of the most beautiful and emotionally stirring artwork is done by children. But, society doesn’t encourage artists and storytellers. You have heard the reasoning – It doesn’t put food on the table, or pay the bills. So because it doesn’t manifest in a tangible Blue Collar product you can put your hands on. But if you realistically apply the economic metrics, nearly all Blue Collar jobs are contracted slave labor. You agree to work for the MAN at a set price, which pays for your house, your car, your food, your utilities, perhaps there is some left over for entertainment, or a vacation, and if your smart or super thrifty you can save for your retirement.

Parents wish the best for their children and often encourage their children to try to study for a White Collar job, which earns more money. So studies in Law, Medicine, Business, and finances. Creativity gets excluded from White Collar work. It’s all by the  book. While White Collar folks have more money to spend on the Arts it is often given less consideration than the products of Blue Collar slave labor. Just watch the Academy Awards. The Awards mostly go to realistic stories which are given the label SERIOUS FILMS, as though they are of greater value than comedies, romances, science fiction,and fantasy. Some of those SERIOUS FILMS to me are either boring or  are of the THOUGHT PROVOKING variety that have such a convoluted narrative that make Quentin Tarantino’s version of Dante’s Inferno set in Alice’s Wonderland, traversed back and forth through dimension, time through the Mad Hatter’s tea party while exploring all the levels of hell a walk in the park. I usually end up disturbed and ill after watching a SERIOUS THOUGHT PROVOKING FILM, and I happen to like weird stories.

But, most people enjoy their movies to make them laugh, cry, scream, and grip their seats. All these kinds of stories rely on simple ideas. You can apply some mathematic principles to improve the visualization and the pacing to improve a story and art. Just take a look at the architecture of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. They are simple four sided triangular shaped buildings which have the dimensions of both the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Spiral. The Pyramids are also aligned with the belt of Orion and pointed toward the Constellation of Leo at the time it was built. So a little beauty, mixed with mathematical formulas, and scientific knowledge pushes Art to greater value. But culturally we only value it in Antiquity rather than in the every day.

We should change our thinking. So that an immigrant learning a second language can write simple poetry that reflects their experience within the limits of their limited knowledge of the second language can be appreciated for it’s beauty and value. Rather than judging their shortcomings before they even try to express themselves.

Then when someone shares what they can do creatively Their efforts are validated, and those who are inspired by it can encourage them to try something new, or learn something new and apply it to their imagination.

It would be even more amazing if art, science, and mathematics could be infused into Blue Collar work, so that the implied slave contract is no longer valid, because it is an art and a science all it’s own. As many of these professions once were and should be again. If only a recognition of the unity between Art and Practicality can be realized. I think this will bind us closer to our gods more spiritually than doing acts of obeisance in a holy place ever will.

I always felt closer to creation when I was making/creating something than doing anything else. This is where true growth comes from and our greatest value is in the expression of Art.

If you have few skills in Art. That’s OK. Even if your first attempts lack grace in beauty. And, you should be proud of it. Even if it is a failed piece of crap. It was an attempt and perhaps you learn that outlet doesn’t suit you, because there is more than one way. Even artistic style may emerge because you can’t do it the way everybody else does it. Sometimes just a tweak here and there might transform what otherwise be hideous into a wonderful, whimsical surprise that can only be achieved by your own hand, and every time a unique gift to the living.


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