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Character Development Worksheet

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The Writing Community Now

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Jessica Schaub Books

All too often, I feel the sting of being a writer. Yes, a sting. It can be a lonely profession…when I’m doing it wrong.

Let me explain: I do need a quiet place – or at least a place where I’m not responsible for any one else – to work. In that sense, I need ‘alone time’ in order to work with words, sentence structure, plot elements and the characters in my head. Writing the story, the article, the post is simply step one. Sharing the story is something I can’t do alone.

There is a network of like-minded writers out there that I need. Writers need to encourage each other just like mothers tend to bond quickly over birth-and-delivery stories. The beauty of how a story (or a child) was born brings us together under, helps us know that despite the lonely times and the struggle to find just…

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Let’s Talk about Sex

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Theft and Sorcery

Do I have everyone’s attention? Good.

As subjects go, sex is one of those loaded ones that can divide people, make them all giggly or uncomfortable, or simply make them clam up and turn away. It’s a very important subject for me though, and I did promise a post about it.

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Authors, Bloggers: The Pitfalls of A Simple Style

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Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1382560_book_2Over the last two days, I’ve examined the major dichotomy of style where creative writers and bloggers are concerned. I’ve discussed the benefits of using a simple style with short sentences focused on clarity. (This kind of writing is exemplified at its most famous by Hemingway.)

I’ve also discussed the benefits of writing with lots of frills and description, turning your draft into a real work of art of the baroque style. (William Faulkner, anyone?)

The most important thing is to be true to who you are. Write how you are meant to write and embrace the style you naturally gravitate toward. You will, for sure, have your greatest chance of success that way, no matter where you fall on the simple-baroque spectrum. You will sound sincere. Your voice will be genuine. Your readers will follow and trust you.

However you write–and whether you write fiction, nonfiction, a blog…

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Guest Post: Evil Protagonists (Audrey Driscoll)

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Michelle Proulx - Author

Joining us today is Audrey Driscoll, author of one of my recent favourite ebooks, The Friendship of Mortals (which, incidentally, is currently FREE on Smashwords). Take it away, Audrey!


Evil Protagonists

When it comes to fictional protagonists, how bad is too bad? I’m not talking about villains here, but main characters. Heroes, or more accurately, anti-heroes.

A few of these dubious dudes come readily to mind:  Victor Frankenstein, Steerpike from Mervyn Peake’s first two Gormenghast books, Hannibal Lecter (specifically in Thomas Harris’s book Hannibal), Dexter Morgan, and Herbert West (both H.P. Lovecraft’s original and my version).

What about female evil protagonists, you ask? Well, aside from Medea, I can think of only two — the horrible little girl in The Bad Seed by William March, and another one called Willie who is the main character of Daughter of Darkness by J.R. Lowell, a book I found quite fascinating…

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