Ryan M. Church

A Request For Three Poetic Lines

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2014 at 12:50 am

From a languishing side project of mine. I thought I’d breathe new life into it with some help from you.

The Adventures of The Cursed Family Chasticayn

On one of these pages I have an incomplete poem. It is tentatively titled, “The Dysfunctional Chasticayn Family Tree”. I could really use some help with the first stanza. Even my first line works only as a second, third, or possibly fourth line. Since I am asking for help composing a poem about a fictitious family with no source material provided I will start with some inspiration.

The Chasticayn’s are modeled after those dysfunctional families like the Addams family, the Collins family of Dark Shadows, or the Munsters.

Now imagine a family like that running off to Mendocino County California to hide out from their extended family.

Here is the line to play with:

The creepy carp hidden in the crypt of the decrepit family plot

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