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Proof That Science Fiction Is the Literature of the Future, and That I Am the Prognostication MASTER

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In The Android’s Dream, which I wrote over a decade ago now, I reached into the thinky crevasses of my brain to conceive of a thing that no human had dared to dream of: white chocolate M&M’s. Yes! I was the first! They came from my very thinkmeat! And people said to me then, well, hold up there, Scalzi. Spaceships and aliens are all very well, but white chocolate M&M’s? That’s too radical an idea! And then they laughed, nervously.


Yes. Arthur C. Clarke had communication satellites, Robert Heinlein had waterbeds, and now I have white chocolate M&M’s. I predicted this magnificent confection of the future! I did! Me! Alone!


I’ll take my Grand Master award now, if you please.

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For WordPress Bloggers… link to Classic Post Editor…

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Kauilapele's Blog

beep_beep_boop_small[Update: I forgot to mention that I bookmark the link, YOUR_WPBLOG_URL/wp-admin/post-new.php, and keep it in my browser’s Toolbar.]

I know several who link to this blog via other WordPress blogs. For those who have a WordPress blog, you may be aware that there is a new (and “improved”????) post creating/editing system (the “Beep Beep Boop” one). I never liked it, and understand there are numerous glitches with it, and have enjoyed the “classic” version.

Formerly, with the “Beep Beep Boop” one, whenever it came up, there would be a link, something like “Return to Classic mode”. Always.

Now, apparently, they (WP admin.) have decided to remove access to the Classic mode via every other link that is available (e.g., “Edit” at bottom of each post, “My Sites, Blog Post, Add”, the pencil+ icon, “Posts, Add New” (actually, this appears to go still to the Classic)).

I wanted to share this…

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Worldbuilding part 3—Magic

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Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Mårten_Eskil_Winge_-_Tor's_Fight_with_the_Giants_-_Google_Art_ProjectEvery now and then I read a book where it’s clear the author has no concept of his own magic system.  You, as the reader,  are sailing; the story is flowing; and then suddenly you realize that Bart the Mage seems to have unlimited magic ability.  Well, that’s no good, because now there is no tension; no great ordeal for Bart to overcome. Bart can do anything–game over–end of story. The book goes into the recycling bin, unfinished and you never buy that author’s work again.

Every author has their own way of doing this, but I approach it from an engineering and scientific viewpoint–I spend time designing the system:

Let’s talk about Bart. He’s a lowly journeyman mage. For a multitude of reasons he has decided that he must rid the world of Evil Badguy; a very powerful, very naughty wizard.  Evil Badguy is very strong, and has…

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#Hashtags for #Authors (two Infographs)

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How Do Readers Envision Characters? 6 things we do….

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Creative Writing with the Crimson League

silhouette-1180300-mI got to thinking today about the reader’s role in creating characters. When we aren’t told what a character looks like, for instance, or what a character is wearing, how do our minds fill in the blanks?

Now, I’m no scientist or psychologist. I’ve done no kind of heavy (or even light) research here. What I’m writing is speculation based on my personal experience. But thinking about this is really fascinating…. What aspects of our life experience DO we use to craft our images of characters when we’re reading?

For me, image creation comes down to these things, which are pretty typical I would think. It’s useful to keep these things in mind when writing if you, as an author, want to influence how readers picture your characters.

Genre and setting will obviously play a role.

1. I WILL THINK OF PEOPLE I KNOW. Do we all do this??? We think of…

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From Writing, to Publication, and Beyond

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Mad Genius Club

We’ve been talking for a while about getting all the how-to links in one place, and this is the first step to doing that. I’m going to attempt to list, step-by-step, every little thing you must do between writing ‘the end’ on your manuscript, and the long tail of a backlist. What I’m asking our readers to do is to add anything I’ve missed in the comments. I will link to articles Mad Genii have written, being on this blog, or their personal blogs, where I can. Then we will all work on filling in any blanks and/or updating material in the upcoming month. Finally, we plan to do… something with all of it. Immediate possibility is simply a page of links here at the MGC. Long term would be something that you can access like a book (yes, I’m being coy. There are several of us, and we need…

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