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Writing a Script for a Book Trailer

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Jo-Ann Carson

infinite monkey theorem wiki from: Infinite monkey theorem, Wikipedia

How to do “it”

I Googled, “DIY book trailers” and found two helpful blog posts on the topic.

  1.  On Jami Gold’s  blog, Angela Quarles outlines 5 steps and provides lots of links.
  2.  Yukionna Publishing outlines 7 steps and also provides links.

Now I have to get to work.

Script Writing

I’ve decided to make the trailer about the whole series. My first step is to develop a script for the trailer. I want to hook the readers and bring them in to my story world, without giving away too many secrets. I’m aiming for a seductive, suspenseful tone.  Below is my script, broken up for 20 slides,  a vertical storyboard.

Angela recommends running your script by other people and so dear audience that’s what I’m doing right now. Does it make sense? Is it too much? Too little? Any comments here or…

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Favorite Android Writing Apps – 2015

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C.N. Faust

Hello my darlings!

It has been a while. And as you might know, I have a new baby in my house… keeping me up at all hours of the night, and completely disinterested in watching his papa write books. It is needless to say that I basically live on my phone. Feeding takes a while and baby eats often… and there are only so many of the same four Forensic Files episodes one can sit through. That being said, I have discovered a few writing apps and I thought I would share them with you, in case you ever find yourself confined to your mobile device.

Mind you, I have an Android phone. Some of these may also be Apple compatible… I am not certain.

1. Writer 

Writer is an app that boasts a ‘distraction free’ sort of writing environment. It does provide that. It is easy to keep organized…

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How to Add your Facebook Page to Your Blog with a Widget.

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All links open in this window.I had two requests about Facebook and the Sidebar.How to Add your Page to the Sidebar, such as a store or author page. How To Add your Personal Status Page. Click to got to Personal Status Page How ToThe Sidebar of your blog is like advertising for yourself. Many of us have a facebook page to go along with our blogs. In some cases the facebook page came first.If you’ve been around here before then you know it’s time to start the show.

Facebook Store/Author Page

We’re headed to the Dashboard of our blog. I use WordPress, that means what I describe is what I see.

  • Got to Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance near the bottom on the left.
  • Hover over Appearance or click it.
  • A menu appears and you click Widgets.
  • Scroll down the page that comes up with all…

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3 Web Tools for Free Promotion and Beta-Reading

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Writing Is Hard Work

Book PromotionAs an indie author, I am always on the lookout for ways to promote my books and make them better.  This week I found a few tools on the web that could potentially help me with this process.  As always, I thought I’d share:

  1. Wattpad – I had heard about this site a long time ago, but it was only this week that I decided to utilize the site to help me work through a couple of difficult chapters, namely my first three.  The first three chapters of any novel are the make-it-or-break-it chapters.  These are the chapters that will either cause your potential reader to run away or get engrossed, and I’m always hoping for the latter to occur.  What is it? – Wattpad is a site where authors can post a paragraph, a chapter, or even an entire novel and get feedback about that writing in a timely…

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Lessons from a Lengthy Series

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Legends of Windemere

Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett

I’ve talked a lot about writing a long series and done many a guest post on it.  Character development over the course of several books, world building, rejuvenating a series that goes beyond a trilogy, and so much more.  I’ve learned a lot by starting off on something that will take a few years to finish.  Though I should answer a question I rarely get answered.


Interesting how people ask about my inspiration for the stories, but never ask why Legends of Windemere is 15 books long.  With the upcoming release of Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue, I hit the halfway mark.  I think.  Maybe Book 8 is a better one for that, but I feel like I’m hitting a milestone.  Anyway, I love winding tales and grew up reading some lengthy series.  A trilogy was fun, but I found myself going to…

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