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How to Claim a Pen Name at Author Central

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Do you write under a pseudonym?

Do you write under a pen name in addition to your own name?

Do you write under multiple pseudonyms?

But, of course, you still want to setup an Amazon author page via Author Central.

Don’t worry. You can manage a pen name at Author Central.

You can associate up to three different names with a single Author Central account.

Here is how to claim books under a second name after you’ve already claimed books under one name:

  • Log into Author Central (of course!).
  • Click on the Books tab.
  • Proceed to claim a book that you’ve written.
  • Search until you find the book under your second name.
  • Claim the book.
  • Author Central should recognize the different name and prompt you.
  • Click the option to add the pen name.
  • Enter your pen name.
  • When you see your name, click…

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3 Personal Benefits of Writing a Novel

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Writing Is Hard Work

joys of writing a novelI’ve written four novels now (if you include that terrible teen-becomes-werewolf novel I wrote in high school for a contest but never published) and I suppose that might make me somewhat of an authority to someone who is thinking about sitting down at a computer or legal pad to write a novel.

I’m in the middle of writing my fifth, and so this adds to my credentials I suppose.

I must caveat this post with a warning:  Writing a novel may be the most difficult thing you ever do in your entire life.  It can be mind numbing, terribly difficult to produce, a daily headache to produce possibly even one workable sentence, and it can also put a strain on a relationship with anyone who doesn’t “get it.”

It does, however, have some excellent personal benefits that I will detail here:

  1. Writing a Novel is Therapy – Sure.  This idea…

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