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How To Add Headers To Your Book

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Michelle Proulx - Author

Scenario: You’ve recently self-published your first ebook, it’s doing awesome, and fans are clamoring for a print copy. You’re eager to oblige them, so you start formatting the book for print. But you just can’t figure out how to get those damn headers to cooperate with you!

Never fear, friend. I’ve got your back.

Note: I’m using Microsoft Word. These steps won’t make sense if you’re using a different program. Ye have been warned.


Step 1: Double click in the Header area of the page 


Now the Header box opens! Huzzah!



Step 2: Get yo Header settings in order, son!

The Header & Footer Tools tab should appear once you’ve opened up the Header area. Click the Design tab and make sure the following boxes are checked:

  • Different First Page
  • Different Odd & Even Pages
  • Show Document Text



  • Different First Page > This allows you to…

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#amwriting: building the brand

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Life in the Realm of Fantasy

EDWAERT_COLLIER_VANITAS_STILL_LIFE When the big five publishers want to market a book, what is the first thing they do?

They begin building a brand based on the author’s name, because the one thing that links ALL his/her books is that author’s name.

But in today’s market the indie author is not the only author with a limited budget for publicity. The newly signed author with a traditional publisher is also unlikely to rate a full page ad in the New York Times.

For all authors, there are several absolutely necessary steps to take, all of which are free. They do take a little time if you are unfamiliar with them, so consider doing one or two steps a night for a week.

  • Communicate that brand though social media.
  • Blog, and communicate—write what you know or what you want to read and post it regularly.
  • Make a Google Plus Profile
  • Open a twitter account.
  • Make an Amazon…

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Blog vs. Landing Page: Why You Shouldn’t Confuse the Two

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Five FREE Tools To Help Self-Published Authors Succeed.

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Nikki McDonagh - author and photographer

It is hard being an author, whether self-published or traditionally, getting your manuscript/book looking good, free of grammatical/typo errors and noticed when it is published, is very difficult. So the more tools at your disposal that can help you do that is surely a good thing.

I have recently discovered a few neat little devices that can help to make those jobs easier.

1: Scrivener – The first and truly brilliant, especially if you are considering self-publishing, is this word processing and book formatting tool – You can download it for a Free trial to see if it is for you.

Don’t take my word for it, though – the self-publishing legend that is Joanna Penn (you can learn more about Joanna and her books to help self-published authors here:http://www.thecreativepenn.com/) has a blog about the value of using Scrivener. http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2012/02/04/scrivener/


I’m sure most of you have…

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What genre is your book?

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Mad Genius Club

I’ve run into a few interesting miscategorizations lately, so let’s go over this one again.

What is genre? Genre was originally how a bookstore shelved fiction so the readers could find the stories they preferred. Over time, each genre has grown to have its own defining characteristics, based on what its readers want and expect. How you categorize your books, therefore, should be based not on what you think the book has in it, but based on where the readers who want a story like that will be looking.

What are those defining characteristics? They are the setting, the character’s emotional arcs, the type of plot, the pacing, and the theme.

Important Note: if you do not read widely in a genre, chances are you’re not writing a book in that genre. This is a common mistake for new authors. If your book has explicit sex in it, that doesn’t…

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