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7 Tips to get MORE FOLLOWERS on TWITTER Infographic…

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“Forget All You Know or Think You Know” Solutions to “The Slow, Dark Eclipse of the Soul”

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This is a brief offering to brighten this bloggers heart.

Source: The Slow, Dark Eclipse of the Soul

‘classics suck, they should die in a fire, and why should anyone read them?’

First of all I for one do not believe Classics suck.

But, first I will cover some reasons why people think this way.

One:  The Storytelling Arts are falsely regarded as disposable.

Films and Television programs were often destroyed up until the 1970s. The Pulp Literature (Penny Dreadfuls, Dime-Novels, Pulp Magazine Stories) are largely ignored with the exception of revivals in the 1950s and 1970s to 1980s.

Two: The Disposable Nature of the business of Storytelling

I also hear the same arguments for old movies.

‘Black and White movies suck, they should die in a fire, and why should anyone watch them?’

And Foreign Films that sometimes rival our Classic and Contemporary films.

‘I hate reading subtitles. Foreign Films suck, they should die in a fire, and why should anyone watch anything with Subtitles?’

I remember in the 1990s when the same could be said of movies displayed at home in widescreen format on Video Tape and the early DVD’s.

People’s preferences seem to be for the latest.

Which leads to reasons Three and Four.

Three: A Dead Author can’t write new material from beyond the grave.

Four: Audiences have little or no appreciation for the variety of Storytelling formats

And they are not rewarded for it either.



[Brief Rant I apologize to those that disagree]

How often is Herman Melville’s MOBY DICK so highly praised?

Except for a handful of genius passages, most of the text of MOBY DICK is bastardized plagiarism.

He wrote far superior stories such as TYPEE and BILLY BUD. While such scrappy entry as MOBY DICK gets treated as the second greatest piece of literature after the BIBLE.

No wonder people don’t like the Classics.

Solution: Don’t call them Classics.

Call them recommended reading

Call them your Favorites.

Call them your guilty pleasures.

Call them your teachers.

Call them your muses.

Call them inspirational.

Call them kick-ass or awesome.

Call them anything but . . . Classic.


How to start your own Author Newsletter

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Writer's Treasure Chest

Picture courtesy of: http://kerdukey.com/newsletter-sign-up/ Picture courtesy of: http://kerdukey.com/newsletter-sign-up/

When I started building my network on social media and created “Writer’s Treasure Chest” I was not prepared for this much more to come. There are many more challenges to face. One of these challenges is to create my own Author Newsletter.

I started research on writer’s newsletters.

There are as many hints, tips and tricks as newsletter owners, and I’m desperate to be as well informed as possible before giving it a try. I’d like my first newsletter to be a success, not some amateurish “good luck” try.

Tips & Tricks

One of the first blog posts about newsletters I read had been written July 5, 2013 by Steena Holmes. She provides a list of what a newsletter can be used for. Mrs. Holmes hands out warnings on what not do with newsletters. She as well dedicates an entire paragraph on and how to get…

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Impossible realities

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The Silent Eye

flowers moon 020

It was one of those conversations where a simple thought ended up taking us a long way. There had been a dream… one of those where it seems more real than reality and a lifetime is lived in the space of a night, and though completely out of context in terms of the waking self, it has its own validity and depth.

In such dreams you have relationships… ones that feel, to the dreamer, to be as full and rounded as in an ordinary day. That’s where the discussion started. How do relationships work in dreams? They are built on memory… How can a dreamer have memories of events neither their dream-self nor their day-self has experienced? And if that is impossible, how can there be relationships of love, friendship, fear? And yet, when we dream, we feel them. An interesting one to ponder…

You could put it down to…

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Five Things: Researching Your Novel – Scottish Book Trust

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Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

The Hourglass Factory author Lucy Ribchester shares her 5 top tips on researching your novel

Source: Five Things: Researching Your Novel – Scottish Book Trust

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