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How to Make a PDF Cover for Your CreateSpace Book

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When you’re ready to have your book printed with CreateSpace and you’re planning on tackling the cover on your own it can seem rather daunting. It certainly terrified me to begin with and I only very recently updated my covers from the originals I made using the CreateSpace online cover creator. There’s nothing wrong with using that though. It depends on you entirely. Today I’ll show you how to make a PDF cover using their downloadable template. Once you’ve finished the interior of your book and have the final page count, go to the CreateSpace Template Generator and fill in all the required fields.

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Build Template

Click on Build Template and it will download a zipped file containing two templates. One PDF and one PNG. Drag the PNG across to the folder that you’ve allocated for all the elements of your cover design.


For some reason these…

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Revising: Improve Your Story Using Paragraphs

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Nina Munteanu Writing Coach

old beech in forest-enrico fossatiEnhance Reader Ease by Addressing Paragraphs in Your Revision.

Ever so often I get a story from a student that reads like one long run-on sentence… A James Joyce special of stream-of-conscious… In fact, what the writer had done is write many sentences without breaking up the narrative into paragraphs. You might be laughing at this point. “I don’t do that,” you might be saying to yourself. “I haven’t done that since high school!” But go take a look at that first draft you’re working on; there it will be: a page-long paragraph. Oops.

We can’t help ourselves. When immersed in the creative process, we often don’t think about structure. That’s OK; that kind of thinking is more appropriate during the second draft revision process, when you are more objectively assessing the “storytelling”. That’s when you want to pay attention to storytelling devices like paragraph breaks.

Paragraphs are defined by…

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Post, Pin & Tweet – The BEST TIME to OUTREACH Infographic…

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Finding a Narrator on ACX

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Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Many of you may remember the article I wrote on using Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX, which helps authors who want to put their books into audio form meet narrators and then get them onto Amazon. Well, about four months ago, after a lot of thought and getting feedback from some of my friends, family members and readers, I decided to get one of my own novels turned into an audio book. This past Saturday I finally found a narrator and finalized a deal with him.

Based on my experiences over the past four months, I thought I’d write another article for anyone thinking about using ACX to produce an audio book. This time, I’ve got tips on how to find your narrator.

First, don’t expect narrators to come looking for you. We like to imagine that the clamor to be the narrator of our audio book is like…

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Can I identify what I write?

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Picture courtesy of: http://www.leap-plus.com/writing-genre-fiction/ Picture courtesy of: http://www.leap-plus.com/writing-genre-fiction/

When I became a writer and started with my stories, I had to classify them. Considering the existence of so many genres, I had a hard time to choose.

Where are the differences between the genres? I needed to get research done:

My research showed me that fantasy is a genre of fiction using magic and supernatural phenomena as a primary element.

It might be based on myth or legends or even Science that doesn’t exist (yet).

Fantasy encompasses numerous subgenres. And now we are getting to a list I love! The complexity of the fantasy genre is fascinating!

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