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Book + Hook = Sales (Marketing Recipe for Authors)

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Book Hook


Is your book full of hooks?

If you don’t understand the question, don’t worry. I’ll explain it shortly.

After I ask a different question.

Why did you read this article?

I realize that you haven’t committed yet. At any moment, you could walk away.

And so could customers when they check out your book. Remember that.

The hooks make the difference:

  • Did the title or image with this post grab your attention?
  • Did it make a promise, like more book sales?
  • Obviously, the beginning held your interest long enough for you to reach here.


What is a hook?

A hook is something that catches your potential reader’s attention, arouses a reader’s curiosity, or engages your reader’s interest, for example. Anything that encourages potential customers to read your book effectively serves as a hook.

Your book should have several hooks:

  • Your title can actually…

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How to Motivate more Amazon Follows

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Amazon Following


Amazon just announced a new tool designed to help authors generate many more Amazon followers.

First, let me give a little background:

  • Customers can follow their favorite authors directly at Amazon.com.
  • It seems ideal for both customers and authors, EXCEPT…
  • Unfortunately, most customers don’t think to do this.
  • Customers need to visit the author page and click the button to follow the author. Few do it, presently.
  • Amazon lets you send an email to your Amazon followers after publishing a new Kindle edition. But first, you need Amazon followers.

So just imagine how awesome it would be IF…

  • Amazon offered a tool to help authors generate more Amazon follows.
  • Through this tool, Amazon motivated customers to follow authors.
  • Many customers took advantage of this opportunity to follow authors of interest.
  • Amazon follows rose from a mere dozen to hundreds or thousands for many authors.

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The Creator of Worlds

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Tribal Lays

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Mad Genius Club

*And once more, like a champion, I wrote this last night and scheduled it for six PM.  ARGH.*

Okay, I’m going to shock you.  Are you sitting down?  Yes?  Good because I bring shocking news: Different genres have different structures.  They also have different expectations, different “reader cookies” and different just about different everything else.

This seems like a tautology, but it is not immediately obvious to many people.

The number of times people say things like “Romance is not very good.”  Or perhaps “cozy mysteries are not very good.”  Or “Space opera is not very good.”  (Or my absolute favorite recently, which is the notion that the only real science fiction is hard science fiction where everything gravitates around science, and what’s more “known science.”  Which would leave logical extrapolations of the future and future science without a home.  Never mind.  Pet peeve.)

When people say things like this…

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